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Like other things in your yard, trees also need your care and attention. When you neglect them, they can become messy and unsafe. Once the canopies require some assistance, don’t think twice about reaching out to a skilled and trusted arborist like Franklyn Martinez Tree and Lawn Service. We provide exquisite tree trimming assistance to clients in Kansas City, MO who want to have safer and more presentable evergreens on their lawns.

Dependable Tree Trimming in Kansas City MO

What will you enjoy with our service?

Clean Trimming Work

First and foremost, we will prepare the worksite and clear the belongings near the trunk to avoid damaging them. Our experts will inspect the tree’s condition and check for limbs touching the electrical lines, rooftop, sidings, and windows. As trained experts, we execute the safest and most remarkable methods and techniques when it comes to pruning and trimming canopies. We will eliminate and cut hazardous, rotten, hanging, diseased, and vulnerable branches from the tree to promote a danger-free one. Our specialists will also check the form and shape it carefully.

The Professional Assistance


When it comes to our tree trimming service, we never consider poor-quality and cheap tools. Your trees will be trimmed using exquisite and dependable pruners, shears, trimmers, loppers, axes, round saws, ropes, ladders, eye protection, safety signs, tape measures, garbage bags for the debris, work gloves, boots, safety masks, and proper uniforms. For scheduling, feel free to contact (816) 320-4511 now.

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For your tree trimming demands in Kansas City, MO, the service provider you are looking for is Franklyn Martinez Tree and Lawn Service. Leave the job to us for excellent results.