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What to Prepare Before the Tree Removal

Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Trees

If you have harmful trees, state the tree’s name and species. Also, put a number or letter on the trunk, and indicate which side is the main branch. You can also mark the main stem or want to ensure you don’t mistake the tree for a different one. Another good way is to create a tick on the tree, so you will know if you have checked off which tree you want to cut down or not. Aside from that, here are things to prepare before the tree removal:

Know Your Tree’s Location

Know where your trees are, especially when they are around the house. Knowing their exact location gives you a general idea of where to start. If some are close to the house, have them removed first. Then, you will have more space. And they might pose a risk to people or your home. Your tree contractor will recommend this, depending on your tree’s size.

Prepare the Area

Gather the tools and equipment. It is an important step. You need to make sure you bring the right ones for the job. It is also wise to leave a few tools behind, just in case you need to finish the tree cutting quickly. If you don’t have any, better ask the tree contractor you hire for their tools and equipment. You can find more information by asking them.

Prevent Inconvenience

Make sure there is enough space for the people around the site. This way, they won’t get injured or involved in the process. You also need to take into account their safety. It is always good to tell your kids and pets to stay away from the area. Keep other people and cars away.

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